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One of UAHC's chief missions is to help advocate for legislation that will support the well-being of its members' agencies and the patients that they serve. However, in order to make a real difference, it's necessary that we all take an active part in making our voices heard. 


Follow the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) "Legislative Action Center" link below to read about ongoing and proposed legislation, to submit a comment or to contact your local legislators through the site with either a customized or pre-structured letter in support or opposition of a proposed rule. 

Click here to view our Utah State Legislators.

Documents from the Social Services Appropriations Committee Meeting on 2.12.19


Therapy Works

The Medicaid Access Proposed Rule Would Undermine Access, Not Promote It


Health AffairsThis discusses the ramifications of the Trump administration's proposed rule "that would amend the process states must follow in documenting compliance with Medicaid’s equal access requirement."  blogpost

GOMB Utah Decides Healthcare Act of 2018

In accordance with 20A-7-214(1), this is an addendum to the Governor’s Office of

Management and Budget’s final fiscal impact statement for the “Utah Decides Healthcare Act of

2018” statewide initiative.

NAHC Policy Summit Slide Presentations & Sen Hatch HHGM Comments

These presentations provide a tremendous amount of information by industry professionals about our industry.  Of particular import is the Luke James presentation from Encompass HH that provides extensive financial calculations regarding the traditional Medicare payment reductions since 2009.  




Summary of HHGM

Hatch / Finance Committee Comments on HHGM

UAHC: UT Medicaid Changes Policy to allow PTAs and COTAs in Home Health

Matt Hansen, PT, UAHC President and Clay Watson, PT, UAHC Therapy Chair present a short synopsis on how UAHC changed a long-standing policy that made no sense in 21st century home healthcare.  SEE VIDEO

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